What we believe in!

We believe in growth with integrity and a new world of work where progress and profit are created because of people and not in spite of them.

We believe that the human being and human relationships are more important than ever before!

Succeeding in business is by conventional wisdom a conflict of interest, an assumption of that there has to be a choice between workers well being and personal values and the company’s productivity, creativity and profit. However, this assumption is outdated and a is quickly becoming a recipe for the loss of momentum, trust and integrity.

We firmly believe that any company which consciously chooses integrity as part of their strategy will gain a competitive edge and increase their impact and profitability.

We believe that those same companies will grow into role models that not only evolves best practice into next practice, but will become beacons of hope and excellence on the journey towards a 2030-world of work.

And that’s what we strive for every day, and we urge all people in position to prototype with integrity!

The three core principles in GetHUMAN are:

  • Human insight. Contemplation, slow thinking, responsibility.
  • Human connection. Compassion, curiosity, precision.
  • Human flow. Integrity, collective determination, decision