Brim Individuell lederutvikling

Welcome to a leadership conversation about you, your journey and your typical strengths and characteristics.

To know ones psychological building blocks gives us insight into how humans are different and it increases our awareness of our own – and other peoples – way of communication, -interpreting and sense of achieving.

Our natural preferences

We are most at ease when we live and act in accordance with who we are. Working with Jungian Type Index and our own “Typology” is a good way – and starting point – to get better knowledge of our own natural preferences, our leadership style and also our reactive patterns.

What is a JTI (Jungian Type Index)?

JTI is a personality mapping tool.

JTI is not a test that evaluates people and that gives good or bad scores, right or wrong answers. JTI does not measure or define competencies, talent, skills or who you “are”.

An online JTI mapping and a thorough post-conversation will give you (further) insight into your psychological preferences and how you prefer to align your self and act based on free choice. All preferences are equally important, though different from person to person.

Who uses JTI?

JTI is an international recognised tool for personal and leadership development. Larger companies, like Equinor, Orkla and Oda use JTI in their leadership programs. JTI is also used by individuals and organisations like the UN and Universities.

GetHUMAN (Johan and Anders) are both certified consultants in JTI mapping and we use the online mapping solution from the owner and developer of JTI, OPTIMAS organisational psychologists. We encourage you to contact us at any time if you have questions or worries about the JTI, the mapping or the insights you gain access to.

How can a JTI be useful for me?

Getting confirmation and/or reassurances on personal strengths.
Getting to know why you behave as you do and understanding other people better.
Increase understanding in close relationships (leader-colleague, spouse etc).
Identify personal potential and motivating areas of improvement.
Strengthening you vocabulary when dealing with differences, misunderstandings and non-verbal communication.
Getting a better starting point for the prevention and handling of potential conflict
Personal development

On a practical note. When you are reading this you shall have received an e-mail from Johan that includes the link to the JTI online mapping.

I look forward to meeting you!

Please do not hesitate to send me a text or give me a call if you want further clarifications.

Best regards, Johan Skjennum, tlf. 4747 6852



Want to take it further?

After your meeting with Johan, please continue your leadership journey individually with the following:

Support questions for self-reflection – JTI report

Once you have completed your preference survey (JTI) and received your typology report, your way of following up and strengthening your leadership will be to use some questions for contemplation.

I wish you good luck and remember: You are unique and you are not a typology. This report can however help you become even more familiar with yourself and provide an understanding of differences in personality and therefore contributing to better team dynamics and interaction.

Support questions:

  • What new thoughts, perspectives and awareness did you discover around yourself after the coaching session with Johan? What was the best or most important thing for you with this process?
  • What value do you think your typology / profile can give you in general in life and in your personal and leadership development in the future?
  • Name 5 strengths you recognize in yourself that appears in your Typology Report?
  • Which pitfalls or blind spots of your typology seem familiar to you?
  • When you look at your strengths, how are these visible in your leadership today?
  • Of your pitfalls / less conscious sides, which ones are you pretty sure are obstacles in how you exercise of leadership / in general life?
  • Write down your most important aspirations for your development (i.e):
  • Strengths: I want to use my strengths as (i.e. Organizer) _____________, so that those I lead experience more (i.e: predictability) ______________________
  • Weaknesses: I want to become more aware of______________, so that I and those I lead experience ______________.

Have a person close to you that you trust read your JTI report and listen to the person’s views. Be genuinely curious about the thoughts and experiences the person has of you as a person.

We look forward to hearing more about what you have discovered around yourself and what new awareness you have gained around yourself as a person and leader

Best Regards