Increasing well-being & resetting focus

A low threshold professional coaching conversation to ventilate and experience thoughts, feelings and emotions caused by the current covid-19 and home office situation.

Covid-19, monotony of the constant home office create all kinds of opportunities and freedoms, and at the same time it also causes a lot of feelings and emotions.

Having basic knowledge and the ability to recognize ones emotions and feelings are important keys to increased health, mental resilience and outstanding performance.

These wellbeing-coaching calls are an “easy-to-access safe place” to move from thoughts to words; expanding the vocabulary to name ones feelings, practicing noticing, experiencing and differentiating the usefulness of various feelings making the employee feel better and more reset.

GetHUMAN aims to build psychological understanding, a strong sense of belonging and healthy, long-term collective performance together with our partners and friends. We welcome employees to to a 50-60 minutes-conversation where the employee together with a professional and experienced coach aim to deepen the individual knowledge and understanding
of the actual covid-19 #brakkesyke-emotions and feelings.

• After the 50 minute call we offer the employee inspiring reading and the best techniques for emotional mastery.
• Super simple booking and faster than most regular health care support-services.
• Preliminary self-reporting shows a 62% increase in wellbeing after only one 50 minute coaching.
• No long-term contracts required as GetHUMAN only offer 50 time slots at a time to our partnering companies.

“We have to dare to look behind the façade,
even though the performance is actually great,
the first batch of time slots with GetHUMAN
was booked within the first two hours”