Chief Value Officer Day

Hi and welcome to a day with GetHUMAN and the Chief Value Officer Perspective.

About us. Our mission is to create a healthy and balanced community where individuals, relationships, teams, organizations and systems contribute to equality and quality of life for all. That’s why we believe in the SEB ScaleCenter and really look forward to spending quality time with all of you this autumn.

We invite. The sessions with GetHUMAN are informal and personal gatherings where you can share your experiences both from a company- and personal perspective, and together we invite you to harness the leadership advantage of the SEB ScaleCenter.

The intention. This autumn we will together explore, experience and expand on how you and your company understand culture,  performance and growth and we will use the lenses of practical psychology, healthy performance and  authentic leadership to make this an insightful experience.

The challenge. To create what you are trying to create is challenging. Being real and acting with integrity and calm can be equally challenging. And to achieve success (in whatever phase you are in) require tough decisions, difficult dilemmas and a lot of stress.

This session. In this session we will start peeling the onion of culture and the hidden organizational architecture of values, cognition and emotion – which play an often underestimated part in behavior and collaboration. And we will start with the most powerful and positive ingredient of all; psychological safety.

Topic 1. Trust and psychological safety as a premise for healthy behavior and sustained performance in s challenging and complex life environment.  

Topic 2. A practical journey through two neural networks where we explore you, your company and the ScaleCenter potential.

NB: GetHUMAN is a role play free provider of transformational leadership and collaboration, so look forward to a comfortably uncomfortable day with us.

Preparation. None, besides a good night sleep. We encourage to you to create your self a relatively relaxed morning before we meet.


Br, Anders & Johan