Who you ARE

You are inspired by – and engaged in – the development of something greater than your self, yet at the same compassionately recognizing your personal needs and the complexity of your personality.

You are a mission driven person with a desire to put the company mission at the center of every process and systematically work with transformational attitudes and capacities like: belonging, trust, equality, contribution, duty and responsibility, humbleness, gratitude, deep listening, failing forward and learning/improving rapidly.

Your are a courageous person who will champion a culture of honesty, curiousity and compassion. You are unafraid and vulnerable and dare to harness the potential of omnipresent feelings like: anger, fear, shame and sadness and you treat feelings as valuable insight and information, creating a basis for world-class decisions.

Who are WE

In GetHUMAN we live and breath by the promise of transforming the mindset and core values of corporate world. We strive to create companies that support and nourish a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Through deeper knowledge and transformation GetHUMAN provides both the tools, methodology and knowledge for organizations to generate sustainable results. Focusing on HUMANS will benefit both the people, planet and profit in the long term.


As a Chief Value Officer you will lead, implement and facilitate the CVO process and methodology throughout the organisation from a human-centric and mission based foundation.

  • Participate and receive training in the CVO process and methodology (module 1 – 6), individual- and peer coaching, personality tests and group sessions, quarterly community conferences and MBSR training.
  • Conduct stake holder interviews revealing root causes and critical cultural challenges, securing agile, cross functional collaboration.  
  • Implement the CVO-process in the organisation with a select group, enabling sustainable value creation and securing cross functional collaboration.
  • Conducting module 1 – 4 in close collaboration with GetHUMAN.
  • Launch module 5 – 6 together with GetHUMAN.
  • Collect insight, develop stories and create feedback loops and reporting.

Please reach out to CEO and co-founder Anders Hov. +47 48 23 13 31 /