The GetHUMAN Growth Journey

We believe that the growth code is social and relational!

The GetHUMAN Growth Journey goes beyond team building and networking, it’s a physical and social base camp where we get personal about collaboration and communication and where we together create the post pandemic progress we need for our people, planet and profit!

We welcome you to a journey where you get to combine optimism, idealism, realism with the courage needed to be a role model and to build your company the right way.

Welcome to an analogue, unhackable business arena which is tailor made and deployed directly into your critical company projects and platforms, (i.e growth and scaling, sick leave, people first, attract & retain talent, inclusion and equality etc)

The GetHUMAN Growth Journey consists of 6 action- and reflection based learning labs (single or double days) that solve complex problems. Together we uncover blind spots and create traction and progress on your key initiatives. This journey aims to grow an intelligent, collaborative environment which in turn create more healthy behaviors and lasting co-created solutions.

The GetHUMAN Growth Journey is where we: 

  • Explore key questions and critical topics related to the environment of the company
  • Co-create a collaborative arena that fosters an environment of questions before answers, perspectives before view points, observations before assumptions, reflection before criticism and solidarity before self-centeredness.
  • Aim to steadily merge the human- and the business perspective creating more realistic and unifying decisions/actions.
  • Extract insights from root causes and high quality thinking (“engagement and essence”), reducing the risk of  reacting to symptoms, quick fix-ideas and the battle-hardened arguments.

The GetHUMAN Growth Journey develops the capacities to:

  • Walk the talk; tackling complex issues and intentions with practical accountability and contributions.
  • Challenge mental models, uncovering systemic and personal blind spots in achieving the group mandate.
  • Build transformational capacities becoming a high performing human team.
  • Become aware of outstanding perspectives and possibilities related to culture, health and well being.
  • Embody the culture we want to create.

The GetHUMAN Growth Journey experience and delivery: 

The GetHUMAN Growth Journey is not new, it´s not super fast, it´s not cool.

It is real, authentic and human!

It’s for the serious, for the playful, for the parents, for the over-achieves and hyper rationals.

It is for those who are brave enough to carefully examine how we are both the solution and the obstacle for our the company growth, culture and societal impact.

It’s for the patience ones who are ready to create the new world work!

Br, Anders & Johan and the GetHUMAN team!