Impact Leadership Coaching

SLC – a personal master class in resilience and relational quality

A four step, three month journey that releases potential, reframes the past and creates a strong and actionable vision for the future. 

Step 1: The design of psychological safety and trust. We lay the foundation for a transformative collaboration. This first step is both a personal experience and an applicable method for for the leaders own team.
(A two hour morning work-shop with Johan and Anders)


Step 2: Personal Leadership Foundation 1: Life history and psychological preferences. The second step connects the dots between your past experience and present performance, creating a new perspective of health, resilience and opportunity.
(Half day with Johan, MBTI psychometric mapping included).


Step 3: Personal Leadership Foundation 2: Psychological blindspots, strengths and personal choice. The third step creates a new understanding of reality and engages you in your true potential as an human being, co-worker and leader.
(Half day with Anders, including the Values in Action personal mapping)


Step 4: Your mission and your business impact. In this final step we get clear on your higher mission and get real about your commitment to a sustainable and impactful leadership journey ahead
(A two hour morning work-shop with Johan and Anders)