Introduction to GetHUMAN + SEB = Growing together, incl. practical information

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Did you know that 40% of Norwegian leaders have stress related illness and that 60% of workers has constant time pressure? Growing and scaling is for most people like riding an emotional and intellectual roller coaster which takes its toll on health, relationships, collaboration and decision making quality.

To quote professor AJ Kroese from Aker Sykehus;

The modern human being rarely takes breaks and life
has a tempo which our us almost constantly in fight mode

and that’s before starting your own company!

It is therefore a pleasure and an honor to welcome – not only you as a (co-) founder – but also your current leadership/senior team to four GetHUMAN sessions in 2022/2023. Read more below.


Relevant leadership challenges as you grow. Do they apply to your growth?

  • Rapid change, growth and complexity will challenge the status quo and our leadership habits.
  • A new form of complexity calls for the most effective team- and leadership capacities available.
  • Rapid expansion and demands for high quality thinking and decision making capacities require an improved way of learning and increased understanding of relational-, cultural and mental systems.
  • Onboarding – and retention of – a large amount of people demand even more balanced and caring leaders who have an extra empathic focus and that are able to see the ”whole picture” at any time.
  • Dependencies without relationships creating misunderstandings, waste and double work.


Some background 

What we believe in is a performance environment that generates health not sickness, and that generates even better decisions with higher degree of clarity and ownership throughout the leadership team and organization.

We are deeply passionate about not not only the great ideas that your company is founded on, but also the opportunity your company has to become as strong a vehicle for execution as your idea is inspiring!  

We applaud and acknowledge what you have created so far, your resilience and passion. However, when scaling and adding several people to your development teams and operation, you need to level up your leadership and practical organizational understanding, navigating more effectively in that sometimes intangible  – but very real – field of culture and long term, healthy performance.

But the best thing we believe in, and what we have done so many times now, is that all this can be achieved not by doing more and more, but by getting together and keep building with even more perspective!


Practical information:

  • Dates: 13. October. 9. December. 10. February. 12.05
  • Time: 10.00-15.00
  • Topic first session: Retention, what’s the secret sauce that comes after search, selection and
  • Topic second session:Revealing insights and the cultural fabric of your company
  • Location: An interesting place not far from SEB.
  • Who: 3 – 4 people. Which makes a great practical number for creating both team dialogue and cross-company learning processes.
  • Format: Analogue and offline,
  • Style: Team coaching and awareness building processes (exploration and value creation)