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KLab phase 1 РIndividual conversation A with Anders  (incl. preparations)

KLab phase 2 РIndividual conversation B with Johan

KLab phase 3A – Trust, phycological safety and collaboration

KLab phase 3B – Awareness, resillience and personal leadership

KLab phase 3C –¬†Deep listening, involvement and presence

KLab phase 4 РIndividual conversation C with Gunvor

KLab phase 5¬†–¬†The Capacity of changing and exploring perspectives¬†

KLab phase 5 a – Deeper system understanding part 1

Welcome to the Leadership Development Program in Kolonial.no, in partnership with GetHUMAN


Leadership Development  (background and excerpt from internal document Kolonial.no)

  • Scaling our organization and at the same time keeping our people highly engaged requires strong leadership on all levels.
  • With a larger and more complex organization a strong leadership evolution is necessary to improve how one think, feel, act and lead in complex situations.
  • GetHuman was chosen after an extensive process as our partner for a Leadership Development program at L√łrenskog warehouse. Finding someone that we believed would be the right people for leadership development in all parts of Kolonial.no was important. They stood out among all the vendors, by representing something new with a more personal inside-out approach to leadership development. After seing how the engagement, and especially the ‚ÄúManagement Support‚ÄĚ driver has increased during the first period of the program, we belive that these guys might be who we need to strengthen our leadership in Nydalen as well.

Some leadership challenges

  • Rapid change, growth and complexity will challenge the status quo and our leadership habits.
  • A new form of¬†complexity calls for the most effective team- and leadership capacities available.
  • Rapid expansion and demands for high quality thinking and decision making capacities¬†require an improved way of learning and increased understanding of relational-, cultural and mental systems.
  • Onboarding –¬†and retention of¬†–¬†a large amount of¬†people demand even more balanced and caring leaders who have an extra empathic focus and that are able to see the ‚ÄĚwhole picture‚ÄĚ at any time.

Additional information from Anders & Johan/GetHUMAN

  • This leadership development program is¬†designed to create substantial (not incremental) development and improvement in both performance and happiness.¬†We both hope and expect that you will experience this long term journey as challenging and meaningful.
  • This information document will provide basic information about the program. If you have detailed questions please call Anders¬†(48231331) to make sure that you¬†have the information you need. Questions are welcome in our first meeting.
  • This program will likely have an attendee¬†waiting list, so make sure you are fully dedicated to participating and contributing in this leadership journey. One way to find out more about your dedication is to look at the leadership questions below – do they challenge you? Do you get access to your curiosity? Do you see exciting¬†possibilities?

Some key points

  • Unless other information is given, we will meet monthly at Sentralen in down town Oslo (√ėvre Slottsgate 3), (aprx. from 9.30am-3.30pm).
  • The program starts with two individual converstions with Anders and Johan. In addition to you getting more information, we also expect that these conversations will be very valuable in your continuous development as leader and human being.
  • In addition to being a leadership development program we also consider this to be an important improvement arena for Kolonial.no and we¬†look forward to joining you all in building¬†Kolonial.no.

Some expectations

  • There¬†is a good chance of new leaders coming on board during the program. There is an expecation that all of the¬†current¬†attendees will take on the role as both “mentors” and “equals” by sharing experiences and contributing¬†to a sense of trust, which is essential for learning to happen.
  • This program is highly experimental (and dialogue based) and is based in a large degree on your experiences in between our program days / meeting points. Personal experiences, hardships and missteps are just as welcome as successes because¬†together we are searching for what¬†we can learn rather than “who’s the best” or “who got it right”. In leadership and culture there is seldom “the only right way”, but rather several great and personal ways to lead in a good way.
  • There is an expectation of practicing, training and reflecting in between program days.¬†The quality of our time together depend on the quality of your awareness of your development. We will¬†have a strong focus on reflection and contemplation and you will get a journaling note book for your own notes. This, together with resources available on gethuman.no/klab and the experiences in the group meetings are¬†the curriculum of this program.
  • There is an expectation that you will reflect and train¬†closely with a “commitment partner”, which will be a colleague from your group.¬†These duo¬īs/partnerships will be established¬†on our first group day.
  • In the individual conversations with GetHUMAN all reflections, thoughts and feelings are welcome. Each participant is welcomed to co-design the personal aspects of the conversation and “you call the shots”.
  • We look forward to getting to know you and we highly value you previous¬†experience (being a good leader already and becoming a better leader). We hope and expect that you will bring in both your strengths and “weaknesses” into this program.
  • During phase 1 of KLab (from the time you read this) you will need to reflect around the following Leadership questions:
    • Why do I want to be a leader?
    • What is it about people and humans that make me¬†want to be a leader?
    • What’s in it for me personally by developing myself as a leader?
    • What are some strengths that I am proud of?

Overview of Leadership Program

  • August/September: Program start and individual conversations
  • October through 2021: Monthly KLab group meetings (currently there are three groups of 10 leaders)
  • The sessions are from 0930-1530, with lunch around 1130. You are requested to log-off and tune in from 0900.
  • Remember your pencil and note book. The latter is crucial to your development.¬†
  • Leadership topics:
    • Strengths¬†and confidence in the leadership role (practical tools and ethics in action) Anders/Tlf. 4823 1331
    • Personal leadership: Personality and preferences (MBTI/JTI) Johan/Tlf. 4747 6853
    • How to create¬†psychological safety as a leader (both individually and in teams)
    • Vision and obstacles, leadership as a personal choice
    • Character strengths and team development
    • Transformative meetings and the strengths of the Collective
    • Coaching- and creating learning and insight
    • Robustness and stressing less in the leadership role
    • Engagement Leadership
    • Curiosity, Empathy and Courage in the leadership role
    • See Session structure here