Welcome to one (well deserved) quiet hour

Imagine a diver standing on a boat, suited up with mask, oxygen tank, wet suit and fins.

Now consider the viewpoint and perspective of this diver when observing the water.

What can the diver actually see below the surface?

Most likely, hardly anything.

What would be our advice to this diver at this moment? Jump in! Explore! Be amazed! Learn! Enjoy!

And, of course, breathe calmly and use your oxygen in a smart way.

We are happy to welcome you to your individual SCOPE-session with Gunvor, where you will dive below the surface and explore fulfilling strategies for how to breathe, be present and recharge faster in a complex and fast moving world.


Just like a diver who needs to equalize pressure in the ears, a transformative leader needs to learn how to equalize everyday pressure and lead with a calm and quiet mind. The exploration of this topic starts today:


In this session you can expect to:

  • Reflect on your automatic responses to important situations in your life.
  • Expand your tool box and┬ápersonal strategies for (re)charging your batteries.
  • Actually accessing the present moment through your physical senses.
  • Experience silence,┬ábreathing and a clearing of the mind.

The one hour session will conclude with a personal recommendation and concrete tools to practice. By committing to a healthy focus on you self you can expect to more easily:


  • concentrate and be more productive
  • produce results with a higher quality
  • be more attentive and observing
  • reframe situations (i.e in appreciative manner)
  • access deeper levels consciousness


If you have any questions, please call G at 90175356

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