New Country Support

We live in unprecedented times where no formal Executive Training or “ordinary leadership development” can prepare us for the complexity and challenges that face us when opening in a new market. This uncertain and challenging period require a different approach to support, emphasizing in-action support; relational quality, collective understanding and cognitive skills and awareness. 

GetHUMAN System Dialogue for Finland and their management- and/or cross functional team.

We welcome you to a guided process focused on the most important challenges in this important phase. Together we will be increasing awareness and uncovering of potential cultural systemic blind spots.

The GetHUMAN process has a team coaching approach that brings forth country specific (hidden) insights, relational perspectives and team commitments. In addition we are happy to bring insights and knowledge from our processes with a 100 leaders from all levels of leadership and management in Oda over the past two years.

The process 4 sessions, 1 day each.

#1st session: Team, trust and shared intentions.

#2nd session: A shared understanding of reality. Assessing and exploring the current situation through four lenses

#3rd session: Awareness, speed and complexity. Assessing and exploring the current reality with a 7 step dialogue process.

#4th session: Cultural blind spots and self awareness

As this process strongly supports the continuous development of psychological safety in the team, we advice that the time between each session does not exceed 6-8 weeks.


Through this process we develop the capacities to:

  • Walk the talk; tackling complex issues and intentions with practical accountability and contributions. 
  • Challenge mental models, uncovering systemic and personal blind spots in achieving the group mandate.
  • Build transformational capacities becoming a high performing human team.
  • Become aware of new perspectives and possibilities related to culture, health and well being.
  • Embody the culture we want to create.



Best regards, Anders and Johan