This section gives you input on 2 topics

  1. What you need to prepare for the final OLab 10
  2. What you need to bring
  3. Practical information about the «sharing exercise»



1) Your Story

One important assignment in OLab 10 will be the sharing of Your Story in a small group of colleagues.

This is not a regular presentation where you present something smooth and well orchestrated, but rather an opportunity to share your life story with people who want to listen, learn and connect with you. Your sharing is equally as much for your self as for your colleagues.

Your story is worth sharing!

We have all experienced life, overcome small or big challenges, had our proud moments and met people who have mattered and guided us. And Your Story is worth sharing! Not because it is extravagant and extraordinary, but because it is your life; lived and experienced by you, making it a personal piece of history.

Not telling your life story (every now and then or at least once or twice in a life time) is a huge loss to our world and your surroundings. And we are happy to provide the chance to try it out with some great listeners; your colleagues in the GetHUMAN OLab Journey.


Preparation number one) Reflect on your life since you were young and on what has brought you to where you are today and what has shaped and made you who you are as a person. (think: important people, crossroads, life altering moments, choices and moments that have mattered to you).

Focus on sharing chronologically from younger life, through the teen ages, the twenties, time spent in education and the years after. PS: You are the boss and share only what you are comfortable with.

Feel free to use some of these questions as inspiration for your reflections:

  • What have you experienced?
  • What has defined you?
  • What have made you grow?
  • What have been difficulties that you have overcome and what did you learn?
  • Who did you meet along the way that mattered to you? In what way?
  • Who have you been important for?
  • What are some golden moments and memories?
  • Looking back, what makes you proud?


2) What you need to bring

Also. We ask that each of you bring one thing (symbol, object, thing) that you cherish and which in someway represent who you are and is important for you. It could be a gift you once received, a poem, picture, something you use and couldn’t live without, your favorite thing etc. As long as it is special to you, it’s the right thing!
Please include this object into your sharing.


3) Practical information:
  • You’ll be sharing in groups of three or four. There will be no large group presentation of your story.
  • You will have 45-60 minutes each.
  • Strive to make it a screen free experience, no PowerPoints.
  • Be mindful of “perfectionism” and uncertainty on how to solve this task, notice your thoughts and self talk and keep telling your self that your story is important.
  • For inspiration, maybe you have a card board box with memories somewhere? Maybe there is someone in your life that you can reflect together with?
  • This is not a contest and no prizes will be awarded 😉
  • If you are stuck, call a colleague or Anders 🙂