Window of tolerance and the GetHUMAN SCOPE Formula on YouTube

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  1. Working with over- and under activation and expanding the window of tolerance
  2. SCOPE-formula on YouTube


1) Working with over- and under activation and expanding the window of tolerance






2) The GetHUMAN SCOPE Formula – it´s all about noticing and making conscious choices  

Definition: SCOPE: /skəʊp/ – the opportunity or possibility to do or deal with something


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Here’s how: 

Stop – become aware of the situation you are in. You can also – in advance and as preparation for upcoming challenging events (a difficult conversation, stressful meeting, etc.) – have the intention of noticing expected dissonance or discomfort.  

Calm – take three – 3 – deep breaths. Make sure you breathe all the way down to your stomach. Your inhale calms you body and your exhale calms the head. If possible combine the breathing with releasing tension in your shoulders.

Observe – notice the feelings or the arising of particular thoughts. Name them (by thinking of them) and mentally let them go or write them down. What is present? Boredom? Frustration? Fear? Passion or important values? Criticism? 

Proceed – with presence and a conscious choice. Remember, stress tends to be reduced or vanish when we get into constructive action or view it as information and an opportuiny for something creative. The key is a conscious choice of something that helps the situation. It can be curiosity, compassion, honesty, vulnerability or simply just staying in the situation. 

Evaluate – what did you learn about your self in this situation?  Chose to learn in the situation by calling for a time out or to be transparent with what you are experiencing right now. Or, you can evaluate a little later when you get some distance to the situation. With time and practice you will actiually be experiencing stress and learning from it almost simultaneously.