Covid-19, monotony and the constant home office create all kinds of opporunities and freedoms, and at the same time it also causes a lot of feelings and emotions. Recognising ones emotions and feelings, having a vocabulary to name them and the courage to experience them in a productive manner is a key to increased health, mental resilience and outstanding performance.


The recipe above is known as one the most efficient personal leadership strategies available, both from a neuroscience perspective and the fact that NOT mastering this skill intensify the negative emotions and negative experiences (and interpretations of reality) are heightened. Being able to clearly identify how we are feeling reduce the intensity of the experience because it re-engages our rational mind, bringing our brain back from a more chaotic or rigid state towards our higher states of brain effectiveness and awareness.

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GetHUMAN aims to build psychological understanding, a strong sense of belonging and healthy, long-term collective performance together with our partners and friends. You are welcome to a 50 minute conversation where the two of us aim to deepen your knowledge and understanding of your actual covid-19 #brakkesyke-emotions.


The only two preparations are 1) book a time (remember to call in with phone, preferably in a comfortable spot away from your workplace) and 2) have a look at the wheel of feelings below (from AllTheFeelz or click to get the original image here) and identify you tertiary, secondary and primary feeling sequence. Start by looking at the outer rim and find the feeling you are experiencing the most (often), move inwards from this emotion and identify the corresponding secondary feeling, and then the primary feeling. Have this sequence at hand at our call.

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For a better view: emotion_wheel_pdf__allthefeelz_dot_app