Coaching health & empowerment

Creating ‘space for life’ and ‘here to stay’ so that sustainability, caring and ambition becomes the new normal.
There are two parts of the stress system: the break and the gas. Both are equally important for the stress system to work for us and not against us. A challenge of the modern society is that we worship pumping the gas. We fill up our calendars, are constantly busy and in high-achievement/performance mode. If we overuse the gas pedal it will lead to malfunction and the whole system will eventually become less responsive and break down. For the system to work optimally it is important to realize when to pause, unwind and reset.

Coping with stress is especially important when working in an organization like Oda that is characterized by high ambition and rapid growth, many requirements and stimuli. It is crucial with support and routines that help maintain a cool head and a warm heart, to quickly prioritize and adjust. The aim of the Coaching is to provide a safe, nonjudgmental space where you are supported to stop, unwind and reset; to build healthy perspectives and habits that sustain rather than drain yourself.

The Coaching sessions are designed to increase your ability to:

– be present and mindful – discover and cope with your stress

– understand yourself better and live aligned with your values, needs and strengths

– identify and apply appropriate coping resources in meeting challenges

– empower and care for yourself and others, and grow through challenges

Ready for a session? Book here:

The only two preparations are

1) book a time (you can choose through phone call or zoom), and

2) have a look at the wheel of feelings on this link  (GetHUMAN has permission from original creator) and identify the feelings you are experiencing nowadays.

Start by looking at the outer rim and find the feeling you are experiencing the most (often), move inwards from this emotion and identify the corresponding secondary feeling, and then the primary feeling. Have this sequence at hand at our call.

Remember: You can expect 100% confidentiality on our part. Want more general info, look further down.

Warm regards.

HeleneHead of Health & Empowerment, Lead Coach at GetHUMAN


5 seconds CV

Registered nurse. 10 years of experience working “on the floor” in an acute, high stress setting.

Master’s Degree in Health & Empowerment. Thesis on mind/body tools for coping with chronic distress.

Certified Holistic Health Coach. In depth certifications in Coaching Mastery and Emotional Eating Psychology Course.

What is coaching?

Coaching is developed from an understanding that you are the number one expert on yourself and already hold your answers within. You don’t have to perform or prove yourself. You just have to show up, be willing to explore, reflect and evolve your perspectives.

Coaching is a method that is solution- and future oriented. The aim of Coaching is to help you to identify your strengths, values and needs, challenges, dreams and goals. Each session contains reflection and exercises to explore perspectives and questions that promote your insights. Based on the insights that emerge, we set action steps to achieve progression and lasting change.

GetHUMAN aims to build psychological understanding, a strong sense of belonging and healthy, long-term collective performance together with our partners and friends. You are welcome to a 50-minute coaching session where we aim to deepen your understanding of your stress and to enhance your natural coping resources.

If after the first session you would like to continue, you may choose to continue bi-weekly for two follow up sessions, three in total.