The Idea

A new corporate reality.

– beyond engagement

In GetHUMAN we aim higher than engagement scores, we aim for the essence that connects human beings, making high performance natural and being authentic easy. GetHUMAN is not a regular company, but a way of life, a movement that never ends, we are brain circuits and an attitude that does not stop, we are behaviors that do not fade when the consultants are gone.

Together we create a healthy and balanced community where individuals, families, teams, organizations and systems create equality and quality of life for all.

Together – we are a business evolution!

The big picture.

– the philosophy of psychological safety and exponential performance

We asked our selves the question; if the smartest choices create the strongest results, how do we bend human behavior and way of thinking in a manner that creates even better choices while at the same time increasing health and empowering collective performance?

To answer this question we encourage you to stop thinking of culture and human performance as something linear that can be solved by courses, classes, apps and power points.

Further developing the Norwegian corporate landscape and competitive edge demand a world-class human development idea. This starts with thinking of development from a human-centric perspective, and explore what can happen when we create a space where we systematically work with psychological safety and awareness.

What can happen when we create an arena where the mission of the company is at the center of our attention and where people are connected to something bigger than the sum of the parts?

What can happen when the leaders not only participate in, but also co-create the development process?

A new awareness.

– recognizing that each of us is a part of the problem as well as the solution is one of the most transformative and refreshing ideas in modern development   

Norwegian companies operates in a complex and uncertain business environment and to succeed or scale successfully (including the culture) we need to create arenas that are founded on a development attitude based on primary human needs.

This is why the GetHUMAN development arenas put your company’s mission and who you are as a role model at the center of every process and it is why we systematically work with transformational capacities like:

  • belonging, trust, equality contribution, duty and responsibility, humbleness, gratitude, curiosity, deep listening and failing forward & learning rapidly.

These leadership capacities, although amazing and life changing, are only a part of the answer of how we can create space for life and bend the curve of performance. The GetHUMAN process also creates a safe and courageous space for confronting the fact that many of our organizational problems and delays are due to our own unawareness of how we maintain the patterns we are trying to change.

Realizing and taking ownership of this can be a painful process, so to grow and scale successfully the company needs to aim for the stars and build a culture of courage and compassion that tackles the omnipresent feelings like

  • anger
  • fear
  • shame
  • frustration
  • hopelessness
  • sadness


and ultimately treat them as valuable insight and information, creating a basis for world class decisions.

A systemic problem solving journey.

– leadership innovation

The business evolution we are proud to offer our carefully selected partners is a an inevitable business strategy move by your company, choosing deep thinking over fast thinking, increasing health and lowering turnover and burnout rate. 

Working with GetHUMAN is a journey based on awareness, were we supercharge the quality of our thinking and our behaviours with skills like curiosity, compassion and courage, which in turn creates ingenuity, friendships and systemic improvement of leadership and effectiveness. Why settle for less?

In the GetHUMAN arena we challenge the automated worldview in which oversimplification is not only the normal, but has become a virtue. Together we close the gap between the excellent simple questions and the complexity of the answer.

We are an arena of psychological safety and slow thinking were the internal organisational walls are broken down because we elevate our awareness to new heights, we empower actions and structures that include our life in stead of relying on structures which reduce the quality of our life. 

The topics in the GetHUMAN arenas are something we treat with the utmost respect, and the upside of addressing them are huge; creating arenas where health, resilience, personal responsibility, human needs, stress, the autopilot, attention, awareness and deep listening are dealt with in a deliberate and empowering way.

But why do we need the GetHUMAN arena? Because unless we go deeper together we are perpetuating the problems that we think we are trying to solve. We will keep on thinking, seeing and solving in a way that does not solve the organisational root problems. Like Einstein once said, “we cannot solve our problems with the same mindset that created them”.

"GetHUMAN creates arenas that do not exist in our society!"
Mats Barlo
Co-founder, Oda

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