"GetHUMAN creates arenas that do not exist in our society!"
Mats Barlo
Co-Founder, Oda

GetHUMAN is Johan and Anders – a duo who creates psychological safety, genuine relationships and purpose-driven collaboration in cross-functional groups and teams, fast! This is why our special gift to all our partners are emblazoned with the statement “Half the pressure. Twice the speed”.

We combine our authentic facilitation with reflection and meaningful content in a way which enables our clients to solve their problems and reach their goals faster – together, with health and integrity intact! 

We are happy to announce that over 100 leaders in Oda, SEB ScaleCenter and Brim Explorer are enrolled in – or have completed – the GetHUMAN journey. We are thankful for the opportunity of supporting additional 50+ leaders in cross functional growth- and developmental processes, mixing business competence with humanity for amazing results. Together we grow and scale a healthy, high performing company cultures! 

Welcome 2030! 

We place your company mission at the heart of our processes and create the organizational conversation that makes all the difference. With our tailor made and 100% analogue arenas we bring to life resilient, balanced and courageous teams, with the capacity of thinking and connecting at a deeper level, becoming know for their strong sense of belonging, purpose and their collective intelligence. 

We firmly believe that any company which consciously choose these above mentioned six human capacities will create a major competitive edge that will fuel success and further accelerate the Norwegian business sector in being a beacon of hope and excellence towards a 2030-world. Read more..

GetHUMAN is not a regular company, but a way of life, a movement that never ends, we are awareness, brain circuits and an attitude that does not stop, we are behaviors that do not fade when the consultants leave the building. We are Chief Value Officers! Are you?

Our clients
"GetHUMAN has been an invaluable support for Oda in our growth journey"
Thea Eilertsen
Chief People Officer, Oda
"Often I meet people that use big words about the big things. About life. And business. And how to create greater value in both. More seldom I meet people who personifies these values. To meet someone who can both communicate the bigger picture and at the same time IS and embodies it is very rare. getHUMAN is the best example I can think of"
Bård Stranheim
Senior advisor, Innovation Norway
"With GetHUMAN it does not cost me one calorie to share, be vulnerable and honest"
Jonas Myrlund
Director of Infrastructure & IT, Oda
”GetHUMAN has facilitated extraordinary conversations in a turbulent period and has mined unique insight 
and created a strong decision- and performance platform for our companies in the SEB ScaleCenter”
Johannes Knutsen Breivik
Sustainable Banking, SEB and the SEB ScaleCenter
"GetHUMAN is highly professional and solid"
Jens Fredrik Skogstrøm
Data Science Manager, Oda
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